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Our competencies for your digitization

When it comes to digitization in large companies, the journey is the destination - provided the direction is right. Many steps have already been taken and, in most cases, numerous milestones have already been reached. Whether it's setting up a decentralized IT infrastructure, modernizing print services or implementing an enterprise resource planning system (ERP): just like you, a majority of DAX corporations and hidden champions have seized the opportunities of digital transformation (DX) in recent years.

But you know: The journey has only just begun. That's why we talk about further digitization. The pace of innovation in IT solutions is becoming ever tighter, with new technologies being tested and others already being discarded. That's why we accompany you on the next step of further digitization, and gladly the one after that as well. From the optimization of existing IT and print infrastructure to the introduction of ECM systems and automated business processes to comprehensive managed services or digitization consulting, we are your reliable partner. With around 39,000 employees in over 150 countries, we rank among the world's major technology and knowledge hubs. Are you ready to continue on this path with us?

Solutions around the advancement

Managed Service Provider

Accelerate workflows: Workflow Automation Services

The administrative and organizational daily routine in large companies consists to a very large extent of standardized tasks. And that's good news for anyone who wants to give their employees more freedom for creativity and productivity. After all, the more uniform the workflows are, the better they can be accelerated considerably by automated workflows.

Sorting incoming mail, filing documents, requesting business trips or approving invoices are just a fraction of the everyday tasks that can be easily automated through smart and learning workflows. By integrating existing hardware and software components, the costs remain very manageable. And the people in your company are left with more valuable time to further develop your products and services.

Increase efficiency

Increase output productivity: Managed Print Services

Where does the path to a fully digitized company actually begin? Interestingly, the answer in many cases is: with the printer - or rather with the printer fleet. Managed Print Services, Managed Services and Cloud Printing give you full control over security and printing costs. At the same time, you increase usability, output productivity and quality.

Smart multifunction systems perform several tasks at once and save a lot of manual effort. Printers even play a crucial role in the digitization of documents and become part of automated processes. This is how you transform your print infrastructure from a budget and resource destroying machine to a highly efficient interface between the analog world and the digital enterprise.

Optimize print fleet
Silo Denken

Optimize document processes: Enterprise Content Services

Multifunction printing systems allow analog documents to be digitized in bulk. Automated workflows make documents process themselves. But how do you bring system to the overflow of information, documents and data in your company? With Enterprise Content Management - ECM for short.

The core task of an ECM system is to centrally store data from a wide variety of storage locations and unstructured information from dozens of sources, to make it searchable and available at any time. Versioning, simultaneous work on documents of all kinds, document workflows as well as DSGVO-compliant data storage and archiving are included. Integration with ERP software, office applications and collaboration tools makes searching for files a thing of the past.


Achieving added value through data: Digital Transformation Services

By consistently implementing the first three steps, you will be able to make data and information available in your company - always, everywhere, and for all employees. However, you have by no means exhausted all the possibilities of digital transformation. Because only when you generate insights from information and deal with them intelligently will you gain added value from data.

This not only entails technological changes, but also completely new ways of working. That's why our DX services support you from strategy and solution finding through change management and training to implementation and evaluation. Whether in lean projects or as a long-term partnership: We make the change to a new culture of information processing possible.

Continue digitizing

The larger the company, the greater the hurdles in digitization projects? Far from it. Of course it's true that you face complex challenges, that connectivity, functionality and compatibility across systems are often lacking, and that many stakeholders want to be involved in IT projects. But we can counter the myth of the inflexible large enterprise: successfully completed projects with expertise, process understanding and a holistic end-to-end approach.

We help you plan IT projects and your print infrastructure with a strategically astute all-round view. In doing so, we leverage solid, data-driven analysis alongside decades of experience. The resulting technical solutions in our portfolio can sustainably streamline and simplify your processes.
With a great deal of business and technical know-how, we accompany the implementation and roll-out of large projects. Because you and we know: Digital transformation is not an end in itself, but the only sensible way to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility and speed in challenging times.

Andreas Reithmaier
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We have the ideas, the know-how and the technological solutions to bring even the largest companies to the next digital level.

Andreas Reithmaier

Head of Sales Strategic Accounts


The path of digitization

No large company exists a second time - but there are many parallels in the branching IT structures and challenging problems. We know this because we have already assisted more than 500 companies, each with over 1,500 employees, including numerous DAX companies. As a provider of ideas and partner for the realization of digitization projects, you too can benefit from our best-practice experience. Just as renowned corporations from the German-speaking world are already doing.



Work independently of location with Randstad

A new office environment at staffing company Randstad also includes modernizing the printing infrastructure. Konica Minolta Cloud Print helps to optimize processes and enable printing on demand.

Further through knowledge

In your company, knowledge about digitization is well advanced - but lifelong learning is also a natural part of your agenda? Konica Minolta supports large enterprises with well-founded expert assessments, technical articles and information around the further development of already existing IT & print solutions. Get inspired and informed by our whitepapers, blog posts and webinars.

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