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Industry 4.0, IIoT, Condition Monitoring, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Maintenance, Cloud Services and Edge Computing — these are just a few of the areas of digitalisation that are becoming increasingly important for businesses. In this context, developments in IT and new technologies are continuously expanding the possibilities for optimising production processes through the growing digitalisation of machines and devices used. Many companies often find it difficult to get started with digitalisation, however, as there is such a vast range of products and services on offer, the applications tend to be complex, and many solutions can only be implemented by involving multiple suppliers. Limited company resources make it hard for companies to stay well informed and up to date on the latest developments in shop floor digitalisation.

MLA 4.0 — Our maturity level analysis in production

The growing demand for flexibility from customers, increasing efficiency in production and maintaining optimum plant utilisation are challenges that production companies are having to face on a daily basis. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the competition without making use of digitalisation. However, precise analysis is required in order to identify areas in which digitalisation solutions will bring meaningful process improvements.

Implementing IIoT solutions in a focused and successful manner requires accurate knowledge of the machinery fleet, the machine networking and the production processes. Thanks to our maturity level analysis solution — MLA 4.0 — Konica Minolta is able to offer a standardised procedure for determining how digitalised your production environment is. Your current production situation is then also recorded and documented in a structured way. In addition, our maturity level analysis enables potential for integrating digital technologies into the manufacturing process to be identified. The results of the analysis can be used to make targeted investments in digitalisation, thus avoiding any investment failures.


  • Concrete recommendations for action: You receive practical recommendations for action that are tailored to your situation. Collaborative prioritisation allows you to carry out targeted implementation.
  • Holistic overview of the level of digitalisation in your production environment: Individual examination and assessment of your production process will also bring to light other topics such as strategy and communication. The main focus is your company and its individual features.
  • Fast, transparent results: Our consultants will work with you to plan the assessment, meaning that the results of the analysis will usually be with you within a few weeks.
  • Benchmarking your company: Receive an overview of how your company compares to the market and/or the industry
  • Freely usable results: The analysis report is clear and contains straightforward graphics. It can be used however you wish and does not commit you to any further orders. You decide what further steps to take, as well as how and when to do so.
  • Konica Minolta as a strong partner:  Based on our global production knowledge and many years of experience in the implementation of digitalisation projects — both internally and for our customers — we can provide you with proven recommendations and real added value.
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MLA 4.0 — Maturity level analysis

Do you want to determine your level of maturity in order to identify hidden potential your production process? Read our brochure for more details.

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Factory Hub — The IIoT solution for a smart factory


Konica Minolta offers a pre-configured and quickly deployable IIoT solution with Factory Hub. The solution contains all the components, services and hardware you need to increase the level of digitalisation in your existing production environment as quickly as possible — without having to make changes to ongoing operation. This saves internal resources, enables quick and easy implementation according to your individual needs and creates greater transparency in the production processes.


  • Central monitoring of all relevant machine states: This creates transparency across all machines connected to the IIoT solution.

  • Customised display of the data to be analysed: Pre-configured dashboards are adapted to suit your needs. This allows you to gain the most benefit from our solution.

  • Targeted and needs-based implementation: Perfectly tailored to your company.

  • Flexible business model: Clear calculation and transparent costs in conjunction with the added value generated by the level of digitalisation achieved.

  • Consulting, procurement, integration, monitoring and service: All from a single source!

  • Smart starting point for digital production: Individual, customer-focused Smart Entry packages allow you to get started with the digitalisation of your production environment without placing a strain on your resources.

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Factory Hub — IIoT solution

Want a fast, ready-to-use IIoT solution for your production environment? Find out more in our brochure.

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Digital Manufacturing Hub

Digital Manufacturing Hub

The head office and global headquarters of the Konica Minolta Digital Manufacturing Business Unit are located in Darmstadt, Germany. A number of companies with a focus on research and development in digital production are headquartered between Kaiserslautern and Stuttgart. Its proximity to the University of Technology also makes Darmstadt an ideal location. From this base, we are able to develop and implement comprehensive IIoT packages and smart solutions for the digital transformation process of production companies: Using our Factory Hub solution, we unite industrial production with modern information and communication technologies, combining expertise in the fields of sensor technology, visualisation technology and IT services.

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