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Industry 4.0, IIoT, Condition Monitoring, BigData, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Maintenance, Cloud Services and Edge Computing are just some of the topics surrounding digitalization which even small and medium-sized companies are increasingly having to consider.

Digital Manufacturing

Against this background, developments in IT are continuously expanding the range of possibilities for optimizing production processes through the digitalization of machinery and equipment. However, getting started with digitalization is often difficult because the solutions can be highly diverse and overwhelming, the applications are generally complex and solutions can often only be put in place partnering with more than one supplier. The limited resources of companies make it difficult to be well informed in this area and to keep up-to-date with developments relating to digitalization of the shop floor.

Our maturity level analysis as a starting point for your digitisation

Konica Minolta's Maturity Analysis Industry 4.0 offers a standardised procedure for determining the status of your production with regard to digitisation. In addition, maturity analysis enables the identification of existing potentials for the integration of digital technologies in the manufacturing process. In order to use IIoT solutions successfully, precise knowledge of the machine park, machine networking and production processes is required. With the help of the detailed maturity level analysis, the current situation in your production is recorded and documented in a structured way. If IIoT projects have already been started, such as pilot projects in selected areas of production, these are included in the analysis. The maturity level analysis serves as an evaluation instrument and provides a basis for selecting the next steps to introduce the optimal IIoT technology. In this way, you can select the production areas that offer the greatest potential for the use of IIoT solutions in your production.


  • Our experts analyse the current production situation in your company. You do not need any additional personnel to prepare the analysis.
  • With the help of the maturity level analysis, the current bottlenecks in production are also identified. The evaluation provides these with corresponding priorities.
  • The gap analysis identifies current bottlenecks and offers recommendations for action. The implementation of these recommendations is then at your discretion.
  • The graphical processing of the analysis results provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation in production.
  • The structured methods of maturity analysis quickly create transparency. By integrating your employees into the analysis process, they are actively involved in shaping future process improvements.

Industry 4.0 Maturity Analysis

You want a detailed analysis of IIoT for your medium-sized company in the production or manufacturing sector? Read our brochure for more details.

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Facts and figures Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution after steam engines, assembly lines and computer technology and shows the networking of production up to the intelligent factory. Our infographics show that the importance of digital manufacturing continues to grow.


Our smart package for your digitalization

Our smart package for your digitalization

With its Smart Start Package, Konica Minolta offers a preconfigured and quickly deployable IIoT solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. The solution contains the basic components required to reach a higher level of digitalization in your existing production environment within a very short period of time – and without affecting running operations. This creates greater transparency within your production processes. Naturally, the Smart Start Package also contains the services required to have the solution managed by Konica Minolta. This limits the impact on your internal resources and allows the package to be introduced promptly and in accordance with your needs. The package can also be expanded further to meet your additional requirements.

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Digital Manufacturing: Smart Start Brochure

IIoT Smart Start Package

You want a pre-configured and quickly deployable IIoT solution for your medium-sized business? Learn more in our brochure.

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Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing


Quick and customized introduction to match the exact needs of your company

Full-service offering: An all-in-one solution – short introduction period, transparent costs and one contact person for the entire solution

Central monitoring and clear presentation of machine statuses– creating transparency across all machines connected to the IIoT solution

Ability to increase production efficiency – fast response to machine bottlenecks, e.g. caused by machine breakdowns

A smart introduction with development potential – a lean introduction to digitalization with the option of expanding its utilization as necessary, e.g. incorporating additional machines, advanced analysis functions, integration of additional production lines

Digital Manufacturing Hub

Digital Manufacturing Hub

At the Digital Manufacturing Hub, the focus is firmly on all Industry 4.0 matters, particularly how industrial production can be connected with modern IT and communication technologies. By incorporating digital technologies, the foundations are laid for a fully networked and digital value creation chain. This enables existing production environments to gradually move into the digital world, paving the way for modern and future-focused production.

Our site: Darmstadt

The Digital Manufacturing Hub in Darmstadt is the central office and global headquarters of Konica Minolta's Digital Manufacturing Business Unit. Darmstadt is the ideal location in Germany. The region between Kaiserslautern and Stuttgart is home to an array of companies focused on research and development in the field of digital manufacture. With important partners also within easy reach and TU Darmstadt university nearby, we are in good company.

Based on our core skills in visual inspection and measurement technology, the IIoT solution packages represent a welcome addition to our existing range of digital manufacturing products and services. Our customers can therefore benefit from compact and quick-to-implement expansions – making their next step toward digital manufacturing simple and hassle-free thanks to the expertise of Konica Minolta.

As a dependable, quality-focused and innovative partner, we are on hand to assist our customers in their digital manufacturing through our IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions.

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